Sunday, April 4, 2010

Another update from the studio....

So we're a week into this recording, Andrew has to lay down all of his parts and then we do vocals. The rest of the time will be spent mixing. I think we might be losing our minds a little bit here at Headbangin' Kill Your Mama studios in Louisville, it's a little man-box, luckily noone hates anyone yet. Here's another webisode to show you some of what's going on in this bitch....all of the footage was shot before any guitars were tracked, so all of the guitars you hear are from scratch tracks and very half assed. Also, youtube butchers's a little annoying but you get the idea, we're pretty ugly dudes anyways.


Peep it -

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  1. ahahaha oh my god, you guys are so gay and i miss you & love you for it. <333333