Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Recording days 1 and 2

So we've entered the studio with Chris Owens in Louisville once again, and this time we're spending 2 weeks. The first day was spent getting drum sounds which took quite awhile but was necessary nonetheless, the second day was more fiddling with sounds and then some drum tracking went down and it starting to sound pretty awesome. With Andrew doing scratch tracks for Josh whose layin down the beats, the rest of us are kinda just going a little nuts, I personally have homework and stuff that I've been working on but other than that we're getting a little stir crazy in this bitch and we're almost only 1/4th done. As you can tell, this blog is brand new so bare with us while we get it going, none of us are too good with this kind of shit but we'll be updating regularly so check back with us!

Peep This - recording webisode Volume 1 -