Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Summer/Fall Updates

Thanks again to all who came out to the record release show. It was truly an unforgettable night, thanks to Cannabass, Abuse and No qualms for playing.
Summer is here! We will be hitting the road in August with Seraphim for a String of southern dates. We will be at best friends day in Richmond so look out for us there. House show in the works.. Here are the dates. Venues tba shortly

8/17 Jaxonville FL
8/18 Columbia SC
8/19, 8/20 BFD 2011
8/21 Knoxville TN
8/22 Nashville TN
8/23 Birmingham AL
8/24 Augusta GA
8/25 Gainesville FL
8/26 Tampa Fl
8/27 Orlando Fl

We will be posting dates for a fall/winter full US tour very soon. Keep your eyes peeled for more updates. Check out erode if you havent already.
You can pick it up here
Or from us at a show!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Erode 12" and CD out now!!

Our new record 'Erode' just came out and you should really check it out! Here are some tracks you can listen to

and you can get the album on Itunes or buy the physical record from

We'll be doing some touring this coming august and then much more through the fall!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Related Diseases....

So, as some of you may know, 2/5ths of our band used to
play in a progressive grindcore/powerviolence band Republicorpse. Well, a long time ago a split with the also Defunct Dead Radical was recorded and put together. It was originally supposed to be released over 2 years ago but with the bands breaking up, there was no incentive for a label to release it. But, much to at least my surprise, The split was released this week by Give Praise Records, to which we are very grateful to see this come to life! You should check out Paul is always putting out and carrying great records, and ofcourse, buy the Republicorpse/Dead Radical split 7" from him!

In the world of Khann, we just got 4 test masters to listen to this week and they sound fucking huge. Keg Party mini-tour with Ramming Speed later this month as well as a show with Cattle Decapitation at BackBooth. Artwork for the record to be unveiled soon as well!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

No peace for the one who dreams....

We have been Home for about a week now and like always it's very strange coming back and readjusting to "the real world." Somehow the van made it home from philly without any problems although we couldn't go past 55. The tour was great, not the best shows wise but we tightened up a lot. Tiger flowers are the shit, they always know how to have a good time and are kickin out the good stuff so check them out. The record is almost done, its still in the mixing process but so far it sounds great. Look out for a mid to late summer release. As for right now we are trying not to lose our minds in this sweaty crevice of the country, its whole lot easier than you would think so we are trying to stay productive. We are fucking stoked to play with Eyehategod its June 3rd at back booth, its the only Florida show so come and bring a bag full of blunts. We have started to book a tour to support the record in the late summer so look out for the dates, they will be posted soon. In the meantime here are some pictures from tour courtesy of dean from TF.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Fuck all y'all mother fuckers

So, tonight is our last night in Louisville with Chris Owens, he's been working till the wee hours of the morning just working on mixing. He's going to continue to work on things while we start our tour and we'll hear the finished product within the week. We play our first show of the tour tomorrow (4/13) in Chicago. we're excited to meet up with the dudes from Shall be the Conqueror. Below is the last recording webisode, more stupidity than the previous. Hope you enjoy. We'll have some tour edition video updates soon.
-Fat Jake

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Another update from the studio....

So we're a week into this recording, Andrew has to lay down all of his parts and then we do vocals. The rest of the time will be spent mixing. I think we might be losing our minds a little bit here at Headbangin' Kill Your Mama studios in Louisville, it's a little man-box, luckily noone hates anyone yet. Here's another webisode to show you some of what's going on in this bitch....all of the footage was shot before any guitars were tracked, so all of the guitars you hear are from scratch tracks and very half assed. Also, youtube butchers's a little annoying but you get the idea, we're pretty ugly dudes anyways.


Peep it -

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Recording days 1 and 2

So we've entered the studio with Chris Owens in Louisville once again, and this time we're spending 2 weeks. The first day was spent getting drum sounds which took quite awhile but was necessary nonetheless, the second day was more fiddling with sounds and then some drum tracking went down and it starting to sound pretty awesome. With Andrew doing scratch tracks for Josh whose layin down the beats, the rest of us are kinda just going a little nuts, I personally have homework and stuff that I've been working on but other than that we're getting a little stir crazy in this bitch and we're almost only 1/4th done. As you can tell, this blog is brand new so bare with us while we get it going, none of us are too good with this kind of shit but we'll be updating regularly so check back with us!

Peep This - recording webisode Volume 1 -