Saturday, October 2, 2010

Related Diseases....

So, as some of you may know, 2/5ths of our band used to
play in a progressive grindcore/powerviolence band Republicorpse. Well, a long time ago a split with the also Defunct Dead Radical was recorded and put together. It was originally supposed to be released over 2 years ago but with the bands breaking up, there was no incentive for a label to release it. But, much to at least my surprise, The split was released this week by Give Praise Records, to which we are very grateful to see this come to life! You should check out Paul is always putting out and carrying great records, and ofcourse, buy the Republicorpse/Dead Radical split 7" from him!

In the world of Khann, we just got 4 test masters to listen to this week and they sound fucking huge. Keg Party mini-tour with Ramming Speed later this month as well as a show with Cattle Decapitation at BackBooth. Artwork for the record to be unveiled soon as well!